Polymer Clay Class Aug. 22, 2015

I have been working with polymer clay since the 1980's, I started with Fimo, it was the first of polymer clay back then, now there are a lot of brands, but they are not all the same, at my class you will be learning a lot on how to bake, paint and sculpt with polymer clay. Pictured below is an octopus I sculpted for a cuff I was making for myself.

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Spool Knitting Class August 15 was a success

My spool knitting class was a success, I will be adding more of these classes and more of what I do on calendar soon.
If you live in or near the Waterford, Mi area look me up at Thrive Community Studio in Waterford.

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Shrooms are popping up!

Showers of Toadstools are appearing at Rain Dropps, you can find them in my Neck Wear category or click here. I have many more colors and styles on there way, be sure to "sign up for emails" you will receive notification when I post a new item.

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BoHo Circle of Life

I call this Boho beauty The Circle of Life, everything that is lovely in this life always makes a full circle back to you as you give out in love to others. Click image to read all about it.

Making a Statement

I was asked to create a neck piece and earrings using some beer caps and beer festival tokens, after days of  brainstorming this is what I designed I want one!
My next thought was how was I going to present it to the gal that placed the order and since she was purchasing for her friend as a birthday gift I wanted to showcase both the earrings and neck piece in a cool way so I grabbed some cardboard, Styrofoam, wooden dowels, glue, printed up some free script printables that I found on Pinterest  here's the LINK
then I decoupaged the printed script onto the display, then washed it out with some white acrylic paint......
I domed out the beer caps and backed them with more beer caps so the beer logos could be seen when they flip.
 I added some other components to compliment the beer caps to not drown them out.
This is truly a statement piece, tells a story indeed, back in the the late fifteenth centuries a vital part of self expression and status was to adorn oneself with symbolic and alluring jewelry, back then wearing ornamentation was a distinct symbolization of wealth, today what we wear tells a bit about our story, our journey even where we have been. 

This is not a choker, neck piece hangs lower
I hung it high to get the full view

Left side

Right side view

Locket to add photo

Front view of earrings
Front and back of earrings view
Handcrafted custom display to showcase the set.
Neck piece hangs lower, the filigree flower stamping in the middle
hangs about in the middle of the chest.

Kitty Under Glass

I have never owned a cat and never knew of all the shenanigan's and laughs they bring until I seen all the funny posts on Facebook and also watching with my grandson "Simon's Cat" cartoon videos on Youtube, seeing both gave me the inspiration to create this Kitty under glass pendant.

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Full length view

Rain Dropps Forecast

Beside the Santa Ana's blowing in see what else has blew into Rain Dropps.
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