Hand-carved rubber stamps

I have many loves in my life, one of many is carving my own custom stamps, there is nothing as sweet as being able to carve myself a stamp when I need one in the midst of a brainstorm.

My online tutorials are in the works, I will be offering my tutorials for a nominal fee and complimentary ones too. 
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Rain Art Classes and Tutorials

Resin and wire artsy pendant Class

Learn to make your own resin and wire pendant, click image to read more and to see my completed necklace with pendant.

Sewing 101

I'm bringing my sewing knowledge to my art classes. Read all about what I will be doing Click Here

I love re-fashioning 

My first class of 2016

Hello! I hope all is well so far into this New Year, for me it's starting out really cool, I was invited by the owner at the art studio I taught at last year to participate with her at this Four Agreement event click here to see the video.
Sometimes we plan things out and other times they just fall into place both are tops with me, as along as we keep doing, keep busy, enjoy life and mostly making it a point to do the things we love it really is a game changer.
The sky is our creative limit!

Introducing Quick Crafts to inspire you little ones

What do kids love doing? The answer is LOTS! My grandson loves keeping busy and he loves art time in the morning, with only a very short time to create I decided to share my Quick Crafts via videos.

I not only make quick simple art tutorials I also make very detailed art using a variety of mixed media, you can read more (click here)  then click on "View some of the things I do" This is just a bit of what I know and share via video. Feel free to click around make sure you visit Rain Dropps to see more of what I do,(click here) and be sure to sign up for email notifications.