Earthy Vibrations Neckwear

Rain Dropps latest in neckwear ~ Earthy Vibrations for the natural you.
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Hello! I've been busy in my workshop creating away, it's what I love doing.
This piece was BoHo inspired, the two pouches can be used to put some mini sentiments inside, my plan was to sell here on my .com but I am going to display all that I make at a cool marketplace not too far from my home, later on I'll post to sell some of my creations here using "buy now" buttons, however if you are interested in any of my pieces contact me so I can give you all the details.

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Blue Dreams

My Blue Dreams ring was                   
inspired by the peaceful
face that I came across and
put on my ring.
The face reminded me of all
the dreams and goals we
each have. I like to close
my eyes and dream of all
the things I want to happen
in my life and wait for them
to come to pass one at a time.
Let this ring be a reminder
that dreams do come true
and to keep you focused
on all the things you desire.

Ring base I painted with
alcohol inks and is sealed.
Because of the feather this
ring is not meant to be put
in water.
The size of the ring is a size
7 but can be adjusted slightly.

All my items on my site are 
available for purchase online
just send me an email at
for pricing and other
If you live in the Waterford, Mi                           
area you can see my creations at
Vintage Spirit n Soul

Beautiful dreamy blue tones

Close up of ring band
Dream away my friends

Caught a raindrop pendant

I've been wanting to make a    
Full view of neck piece
pendant that represents the
delicateness of a raindrop
and I think I nailed it.
I added a wood bead
to give my pendant an
earthy feel to it.
The tourqoise neck
strap is attached to
a magnetic clasp for
easy on and off.
The pendant measures
approximately 30 inches
from magnetic clasp to
the end of the raindrop.
I used polymer clay to
form the shape of a raindrop
the added a glass ball in
the middle.

All my items that you see
here at my web-shop are
I love grungy, rusty and distressed and I usually
integrate in to my pieces, here I made my
own triple loop wired finding. The idea
behind the distressed markings on the wire is that
it has gotten rusty being out in the rain.
I love the what the elements of the changes of
the weather conditions do to metal, wood, rocks...etc.
To most it seems as imperfections but I see it as beautiful
available for purchase if
your interested in the
price and other details
email me at
If you live near the Waterford area            
in the State of Michigan you
can see all my items on display
for purchase at a cool marketplace
call Vintage Spirit n Soul.

If you would like to receive notifications
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Thank you, Rain

Native American Inspired Neck pouch

I love these neck pouches, sometimes  
you just want to carry your I.D. /
License and some cash.
When I hit the airport or amusement park or anywhere
when shouldering a purse is a bit too much I put
my neck pouch on not have to worry about carrying a purse just all the bags of stuff I bought *wink

Pouch is hand-stitched and embellished with beads and other components,
metal butterfly I painted with alcohol inks to bring it to life.
I hand painted a yellow sun on each snap.
Fabric is suede and leather.
Length of leather straps
are 13 1/2". You can make shorter by simply untying the knots.
Currently I'm selling all of my creations at a neat
marketplace not to far from where I live in Michigan,
however if you are interested on purchasing online
contact me at for pricing and
other details.

Closer view of butterfly, click on any of
the images to get an even bigger look.

Back of  neck pouch

full view of back of pouch and knotted neck

My latest Steam Punk neck piece

Okay so what's with the number 99 on
the necklace?
We all have those days  when we don't feel
100%, most people reduce themselves to 50%
or even less.
First off we are not items on a sale rack so
don't be so down on yourself, just
because your not feeling 100%  you just
might be at 99%.
It's how you think!
My latest neck piece I call Powered by Steam.
This Steam Punk inspired neck piece I designed
with the thought of how we all should feel
about ourselves and the importance of
~I'ts How We Think.
Total length of neck piece is 11 1/2"
The fan, buttons and beer cap
I used alcohol inks to bring some
grungy brightness to this fun piece.
The fan actually spins when flicked with your
finger. The base of the fan I used beer caps
that I dented and domed to change
up their look.
My neck piece will be for purchase
at Vintage Spirit n Soul store,
if your interested to purchase online
contact me at
for pricing and other details
Full view of neck piece 
Neck piece measures 11 1/2" but you can
adjust to make shorter
Closer view, you can click
on each photo to enlarge.

Change in plans

I decided that I'm going to sell all my creations out of a cool store that is about 6 minutes from where I live, the name of the place is Vintage Spirit n Soul. Initially I was going to sell some of my designs here online but made my final decision to sell all at the store. I really would rather market the heck out of just one place, I have a peace about this so I'm going forth. I will be pulling all the "Buy Now" buttons I created, maybe later I will list some other items I feel will be a better fit for online sales. I feel strongly that seeing my designs up close can be much more appreciated and desired, however if your are interested in any of my pieces that I will be sharing here on my site feel free to email me at see if the piece is still available for you, we can discuss pricing.

This is my latest in Neck Wear I call Bohemian Dream Catcher.

Full length view of neck piece
Interested? Email me at
for details.
Closer view
Pretty glass beads with flowers, so boho!

Clasp is magnetic, easy to put on and remove